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FAQ For Submit Directly to Talent Agents

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about ReppedBy, or if you need support, please email us at support@reppedby.com.

What type of talent agencies can I submit to on ReppedBy?

ReppedBy’s subscribers include the top talent agencies and management companies in the entertainment business. These companies range from theatrical agencies, commercial agencies, personal managers, youth agencies, modeling agencies, voiceover agencies and dance agencies. Depending on your current need, you will choose from the list, build your online package, and submit directly to our entire database. You can also exclude specific agents from that list as well.

Is there a limit as to how many headshots and videos I can submit per package?

No, but we recommend keeping it specific. If you’re submitting to commercial agents, make sure you have mainly smiling/happy headshots. This is where branding comes into play. However, if you wish to show them your dark side as well, go for it! Who are we to judge?

Can I come in and meet with you to discuss representation and my career?

ReppedBy is not a talent agency and we do not offer consulting services for actors, dancers, or models. We will always try our best to point you in the right direction with our blogs and funny Instagram memes, but our sole mission is to provide you with a stellar site that you can use to submit directly to talent agents and management companies.

I’m just starting out, do I need an agent?

Absolutely. In fact, you can’t get very far in this town without proper talent representation. Only agents and managers have access to legit job postings. Only they can submit you for these jobs. Until you have legit talent representation you will not be going out for the good auditions.

I don’t have my SAG card yet, can I still get an agent?

Yes. Each agency has their own set of standards, but for the most part, many are open to non-union talent. After you sign with them, they will guide you in the right direction and together you will decide when the best time is to join the union.

How do I know if these talent agencies are any good?

All of the talent agencies and management companies that we grant access to are either SAG franchised or can easily be found on IMDBPro. Once contacted by a talent rep, it is your job to do the research. See who their clients are, ask your friends about them, and of course consult your most trusted psychic.

Are there certain agencies that I can exclude when I do the mass submission?

Yes. ReppedBy gives you the option of managing who gets to see your package. Before you submit, you will be given an option to exclude certain agencies. Go through the list and move them to the exclusion side, and they will never receive your package.

How will I know if my package is getting seen?

After sending a package, you can view stats in your dashboard. The system will tell you exactly how many talent agencies opened your package and how many have put you in their favorite’s folder. However, we don’t recommend sitting in front of the computer and continuously pushing the refresh button. Go for a run. Call your mother. Binge watch 'Orange Is the New Black'. Check back in a little while and see how well you’re doing.

I sent my package but no one contacted me. How long should I wait before sending again?

The most important thing you can have in this town is a great talent agent or manager. So, you shouldn’t wait too long. ReppedBy’s system has made it extremely fast, easy, and affordable to build packages and send to talent representatives, so we recommend you move fast – but, first analyze. Maybe it’s time for new headshots. Maybe your reel can use a trim. Snapchat a friend. Get some advice. Reach deep inside and find your inner Rocky and try again!

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